Wall Fan Prices in Nigeria (November, 2020)

When shopping for household appliances, one of the items that have to make the list is a fan. People still go for Fans despite the fact that air conditions are very popular these days, as after all no harm is done in having the two.

Fans improves ventilation and generally makes the room cooler, they are really good when it comes to circulating air in a room. Fans are available in different types and this include standing fans, ceiling fans, hand fans and of course wall fans.

Many individuals go for a specific type of wall fan depending on the one they prefer and the one that works best for them. Although wall fans is not as popular as ceiling and standing fans, they are still very much in the market and you are sure to find one any time you need it.

Individuals who do not wish for their fan occupying space on the floor of their house or who can’t afford to install ceiling fans because of the structure or strength of the ceiling, the best option is a wall fan. Wall fans are used in halls, lounges, receptions, classrooms, etc.

Wall fans are very easy to install, much more than ceiling fans and maintaining and taking care of such fans is also not stressful. Wall fans are of different types, sizes, qualities, colours and designs. They differ in terms of durability and efficiency, and also have varied modes of operation.

The prices of wall fans vary due to the difference in features as well as functionality. The amount of wall fan, amongst other reasons depend on the type that you are going for.

 Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Fan

  • Fan Brand: Brand matters, when it comes to wall fans. There are brands that have built a reputation of manufacturing high quality products while some are still not proven. Even if the popularity of a brand doesn’t always ensure quality, it is better to be on safe hands.
  • Noise: Noise is another factor to consider. Some wall fans usually generate noise that may disturb ones sleep. It is good to search and enquire about how noisy the wall fan you intend buying is before purchasing it.
  • Fan Size: The size of wall fans vary in inches. The size of the room should determine the size of wall fan you pick, meaning the bigger the room, the larger the inches of wall fan you should get.

Wall Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • Short Blade Ox 25″ Inch Ceiling Fan – 7,800 naira
  • Rechargeable Andrakk 16” Wall Fan With Remote – 21,000 naira
  • ORL wall fan (26 inches) – 25,000 naira
  • Sonik Electric Wall Fan 16″ – 9,500 naira
  • Power Deluxe Heavy Breeze Wall Fan 18″ Inches – 11,200 naira
  • Wall-Mounted Century Quality 18″ Fan – 11,000 naira
  • ORL wall fan (20 inches )– 22,000 naira
  • Futina 4″ Metal Ventilation / Heat Extractor Fan – 14,000 naira
  • Industrial Ox 18 Inches Wall Fan – 20,600 naira
  • Wall Century 16″ Fan FB-40D – 9,200 naira
  • Wall Ox 18 Plus Fan – 11,000 naira
  • Polystar PV-26WF Industrial Wall Fan – 22,000 naira
  • ORL wall fan (16 inches) – 12,000 naira
  • Futina Wall Ventilation/Exhaust Fan/2 Ways (6-inch )– 16,000 naira
  • Industrial Ox 20 inches Wall Fan – 24,500 naira
  • Wall Kdk Fan 3peed Blade – 37,000 naira
  • Wall Ox 26 Inches Fan Heavy Breeze – 32,000 naira
  • ORL wall fan (18 inches) – 20,000 naira
  • Rechargeable Lontor Wall Mounted Fan (AC/DC) – 16 Inches – 25,500 naira
  • Axial Window Extractor Fan (150mm) – 30,000 naira
  • wall Panasonic Fan 3peed Blade – 37,000 naira

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