Sumec Firman Generators Prices & List in Nigeria – 2019

Sumec Firman is one of the most trusted and popular brand when you are interested in buying generators in Nigeria. They are very affordable when compared to prices of brands like Elemax and elepaq.

Sumec Firman generators are known to be very efficient, durable and this is why they are among the best-selling brands of generators in Africa as a whole.

We will put you through all you need to know when buying a Sumec Firman generator and this goes beyond just price and other functions.

We will touch on all the Sumec Firman generator models that are available in the market and we will provide more information on where and how to buy them.

Sumec Firman Generator Prices List in Nigeria

Sumec Firman Generator Prices List in Nigeria

Sumec Firman Generators Information

To avoid confusion, the company selling Sumec Firman generator in Nigeria do it under three brand names viz:

  • Sumec
  • Firman
  • Sumec Firman

Whichever you choose, just be relaxed that they are the same company and the quality is off the same rating too.

There are lots of fake products in the market though, later in this post, you’ll get to understand how to identify these fake Sumec Firman generators.

Sumec Firman generators Price List in Nigeria

This is the complete price of Sumec Firman generators in Nigeria today:

Sumec Firman Model

Firman Price List

Where to Buy Firman

1.1Kva Sumec Firman SPG1800 N30,000 – 70,000 JUMIA | KONGA
2.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG2900 N67,000 – N85,000 JUMIA | KONGA
3.1kVA Sumec Firman RD3910 N99,000 – N115,000 JUMIA | KONGA
3.2kVA Sumec Firman ECO3990ES N99,000 – N120,000 JUMIA | KONGA
3.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG3800E2 N110,000 – N175,000 JUMIA | KONGA
3.5kVA Sumec Firman SPG4000E2 N120,000 – N130,000 JUMIA | KONGA
6.5kVA Sumec Firman SDG7000SE N340,000 – N380,000 JUMIA | KONGA
6.7kVA Sumec Firman ECO 8990ES N230,000 – N280,000 JUMIA | KONGA
7.6kVA Sumec Firman SPG8800E2 N230,000 – N270,000 JUMIA | KONGA
8.2kVA Sumec Firman RD8910 N210,000 – N230,000 JUMIA | KONGA
9.8kVA Sumec Firman ECO10990ES N240,000 – N250,000 JUMIA | KONGA


How to Identify Original Sumec Firman Generators in Nigeria

There are many imitation of the Sumec Firman so you have to be very careful. There are many counterfeit of the Firman generator especially in Nigeria, so here are some things to watch out for

  • The name “FIRMAN” is boldly engraved on the fuel tank (for their petrol generators)
  • The name is also engraved on the AVR, air filter, engine block, alternator rear frame, carburetor, cylinder head cover, and muffler.
  • If you cannot spot the name on any of these parts, run!!
  • Even if you see “SUMEC” or “SUMEC FIRMAN” engraved on these parts, you’re spotting a fake. Only the name “FIRMAN” is engraved on these parts.
  • Note, however, that the names “SUMEC FIRMAN” or “SUMEC” may be printed (not engraved) on other parts of the generator. This doesn’t mean it is fake. You can only be sure it’s a fake when the name “FIRMAN” is not engraved on the parts mentioned above.
  • Note how the “F” in the name “FIRMAN” is written with a dot used as it’s middle piece rather than a short horizontal line.

Advantages of Sumec Firman Generators

  • Affordability: Compared to other brands, Sumec Firman generators come at affordable prices. Of course, that’s an important point to consider when choosing a generator in Nigeria.
  • Durability: Sumec Firman generators are built to last with components that are resilient to long-term use.
  • Low fuel consumption: Sumec Firman generators are gentle when it comes to fuel consumption. This reduces your running costs significantly over the short and long terms.
  • In-built AVR: This explains why Sumec Firman generators produce a stable voltage at all times. So, rest assured that your appliances and electrical devices are safe when connected to your generator.

Sumec Firman Diesel Generators & Specs

  • SDG5500CL: 5kVA, 12.5L tank, 5.5 – 6.5 hours on full tank, key/manual start
  • SDG5500CLE: 5.0kVA, 12.5L tank, 5.5 – 6.5 hours on full tank, key/manual start
  • SDG5000SE: 4.5kVA, 15L tank, 8-10 hours on a full tank, key start
  • SDG4000CL: 3.5kVA, 12.5L tank, 8 – 9 hours on full tank, key/manual start
  • SDG4000CLE: 3.5kVA, 12.5L tank, 8 – 9 hours on a full tank, key/manual start
  • SDG3500SE: 3.2kVA, 15L tank, 10 – 12 hours on a full tank, key start
  • SDG2500CLE: 2.0kVA, 12.5L tank, 12 – 14 hours on full tank, key/manual start
  • SDG2500CL: 2.0kVA, 12.5L tank, 12 – 14 hours on full tank, key/manual start
  • FDG5800CXE2: 5.0kVA, 12.5L tank, 5.5 – 6.5 hours on full tank, key + manual start
  • FDG4800CXE2: 3.2kVA, 12.5L tank, 8 – 9 hours on full tank, key + manual start

Sumec Firman Petrol/Gasoline Model Generators

SPG Series

  • SPG8500E2
  • SPG6500E2
  • SPG5000E2
  • SPG3800E2
  • SPG3000, 3000E1, 3000E2
  • SPG2500, 2500E1, 2500E2

FPG Series

  • FPG7800, FPG7800E1, FPG7800E2
  • FPG6800, FPG6800E1, FPG6800E2
  • FPG5800, FPG5800E1, FPG5800E2
  • FPG4800, FPG4800E1, FPG4800E2
  • FPG3800, FPG3800E1, FPG3800E2
  • FPG2800, FPG2800E1, FPG2800E2

Ruby Series

  • SPG 8600, SPG8600E2
  • SPG7600, SPG7600E2
  • SPG6600, SPG6600E2
  • SPG5600, SPG5600E2
  • SPG4600, SPG4600E2
  • SPG3600, SPG3600E2
  • SPG2600, SPG2600E2

ECO Series

  • ECO1990
  • ECO2990
  • ECO3990
  • ECO3990E
  • ECO7990E
  • ECO8990E

Industrial Series

  • SPS15000SE
  • FPG15000SE
  • FPG12010E


  • RD8910E
  • RD3910, RD3910E
  • RD2910, RD2910
  • RD1910

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