Student Mattress Price in Nigeria (November, 2020)

They said Good Mattress refresh Sweet Memory, and this applies to a student. As the name implies or states, student mattress are specially designed to be used and to give comfort to a student.  Student mattresses are predominant in Nigerian boarding schools. This makes it possible for each student to have a mattress in their dormitories.

One of the good thing about this type of mattress is that it can be used on other bases other than by a student. Several other circumstances can also call for the use of this mattress due to its portable size. During period of fine weather, this mattress can be used to enjoy the atmospheric view or the weather condition at that moment.

Student mattress is like a multi-purpose kind of mattress as it can be used not only by students leaving in a dormitory but also by those who live in smaller rooms or living a non-luxurious lifestyle. This type of mattress is manufactured with the major aim of promoting healthier sleep for a student. As started before, they are somewhat smaller in size.

There are common and reliable brands like Vitafoam, Mouka foam, Sara Foam, and others who produce this set of mattresses in Nigeria. They do not only produce but also make them affordable to Nigerians.

Student Mattress Buying Guide

Know how you sleep

As a student contemplating buying a mattress, attention should be placed on your sleeping position as this would determine if you should go for a firm, soft, or medium-firm or soft mattress. Someone who sleeps with his or her sides would be more comfortable with a medium-soft mattress while a back sleeper would somewhat prefer a mattress that falls in the firm category.  Not considering this can put you at the risk of constant discomfort, it very essential to know what suits your sleeping position.

Hear from an expert

It’s good to speak with an expert before you make a new purchase of your mattress because this would go a long way to save you some stress and also enable you enjoy quality sleep from a guided decision. Everyone has a unique mattress need, what Mr. A needs may not necessarily be what Mr. B would require a good night’s rest. So, a professional’s guide will direct your choice to answer any questions, especially if you don’t know what you need to enjoy quality sleep.

Get the sizes

The size of the room should be known as this will determine the size of the mattress that would be appropriate. You don’t want your bed occupying the entire room, take your time to know what you need.

Try the mattress

This days, goods are bought online without the opportunity to try the products. Interestingly, many people have bought products online without regret. But, if one decide to visit a shop to make a purchase, you can request to try out the mattress you want to purchase to know what you are getting. Otherwise, you can try brands that have trial night period when you buy from them online. Wherever you decide to buy from, if you have the time, ensure you test out the mattress you are buying.

Good maintenance

It’s very important to get a good mattress that you can maintain as a student. Such importance cannot be overly stressed. Make sure you care for your mattress as stated in the manual if it comes with any, to prevent the mattress from quick damage Buy a mattress you can handily clean to destroy dust mites and possible allergies.

Student Mattress Price in Nigeria

Here is a list of student mattresses and their prices

Mouka Foam Student Mattress Price

  • Student Mattress: 6 by 2.5 by 4in = ₦11,000 to ₦13,500
  • Water Resistance Student Mattress: ₦19,000
  • Mouka Comfy: 2.5ft X 4inches = ₦12,000 to ₦13,600

Vitafoam Student Mattress Price

  • Shine Mattress (Students Mattress): 6ft X 3ft X 6inches = ₦22,000 to ₦25,350
  • Students Shine Mattress (Bunk Bed Size): 6ft X 2.5ft X 4inches = ₦15,000 to ₦17,500

Sara Foam Student Mattress Price

  • Sara Foam Student Mattress: ₦8,000 to ₦9,500

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