Solar Fan Price In Nigeria (November, 2020)

The solar fan is a great replacement of the traditional electrical fan. This fans are powered by free clean solar energy from nature. This solar power fan system is developed with simple safe low volt system without any complicated wiring nor inverter. It has very simple prepared wires, you will enjoy the fresh and gentle solar wind for free!

Solar Fan Price In Nigeria

We will share with you some brand and their solar fan prices in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at them.

NaturePlus 16 inch Solar Rechargeable Fan

The NaturePlus 16-inch solar rechargeable fan will Keep your home cool and conducive for you in a good weather condition. It also enables you to keep away heat even when electrical power goes out with its 16-star lite solar battery which is powered by the NaturePlus 16” Solar Rechargeable Fan.

The key features:

  • The Fan Size: 16 inches
  • The Solar Panel: 15W + 10 yards cable
  • The Fan DC 35W/12V, 10 hrs. Backup after being fully charged
  • Comes with 16 inch blade, three level speed regulation (5 blades)
  • Comes with LED Light 1.3W, 36 hrs. backup after being fully charged
  • The lead-acid battery: 12V/4.5Ah, over charge and over discharge protection;
  • Also, the fan can be charged by solar panel or AC adaptor
  • It has 1000 RPM at low speed and 1350 RPM at high speed

Price is ₦24,420.00

Roy solar 12v 56inch DC Ceiling Fan

In case you are looking for the world’s most energy efficient solar fans, then look no further. Here comes the Roy solar 12v ceiling fan blade which diameter is developed with the gossamer wind technology that makes it blow faster and makes the room very cool. This roy solar ceiling fan is the only low voltage DC fan that is allowed to use these revolutionary new fan blades.

The key features:

  • The Maximum Watt: 27W
  • The Size: 56 inch
  • The Voltage: DC 12V
  • The Motor Type: DC Brushless motor
  • The Speed Control: 5
  • The Noise: 27DB-A
  • The Material: metal
  • The Accessories: it can work with solar panel or 12V DC battery or 12V.DC adapter, Solar Panel and Battery not included
  • The Dimension/CTN: 655*290*220mm
  • The Weight/CTN:3PCS/CTN,15KG

Price is ₦11,880.00

Renewable Energy Solar Fan

This fan’s solar-battery can provide cool breeze throughout the day with the help of the solar panel which is exposed to sunlight, and while at night, the batteries can serve for 10hours when fully charged.

The key features:

  • Has 16 inches fan blade
  • Comes with 20watts / 12V Solar Panel
  • Has an adaptor
  • Has a LED lights
  • The fan can last close to 24hrs on low speed
  • It has 3 speed
  • Comes with 2 inbuilt replaceable rechargeable batteries

Price is ₦30,000

10W Solar DC Fan

This 10w solar DC fan is very strong and saves energy with its wide blades for blowing strong winds produced for the Nigerian Market. It comes with an adjustable height of about 16inch which is to be used indoor in places like homes, offices, shops, etc. The product is compatible with existing inverter/solar power solutions that already exist.

The key features:

  • It is inverter-friendly: it is compatible with existing inverter solutions
  • Has an extra cool wind
  • It is AC/DC Solar Compatible
  • Has 600% Energy-saving capacity
  • It has high money saving on Electric bills

Price is ₦15,000.00

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