SMC Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria (November, 2020)

Ceiling fans has advanced from primarily cooling to include interior lighting and decoration purposes in stylish designs. Ceiling fans are also used in addition with air-conditioning and heating systems to facilitate air circulation and more importantly, improve energy savings.

SMC’s fans are known for outstanding quality and competitive excellence. Over the years, the Group has attained many product and patent design achievements and recognition awards from major international retail chain stores around the world. SMC is a world leader in ceiling fan company up till now, with annual capacity of over six million units.

In Nigeria, SMC fans may not be the most popular and standout ceiling fans, but this does not diminish the quality of the brand. SMC ceiling fans is an efficient ceiling fan when it comes to fan efficiency and durability.

SMC ceiling fans have placed themselves in a class that has distinguished them from others. The ceiling fan, guarantees value for your money regardless of the inches of the fan. You cannot just be wrong with SMC.

Things to consider before buying SMC ceiling fans

  • Efficiency: The efficiency of a fan is one of the first things one should consider when buying a ceiling fan. You wouldn’t be disappointed in SMC fans when it comes to efficiency. There are only a few other brands that can compete with SMC product’s efficiency. The fans maintain high quality, Regardless of the inches of the blades.
  • Durability: SMC ceiling fan should be among the top options on your list when it comes to durability. This is a ceiling fan you can use for a long period of time without any issue. Their fans are manufactured to be powerful and rugged enough to adapt to several environments, as long as they are maintained as expected.
  • Easy to Install: This brand of fans is among the majority of ceiling fans in the market today that are quite easy to install. One doesn’t necessarily require the knowledge of how fans generally work or an engineer to install the ceiling fan, it is very easy to install. This fan’s speed controls are very easy to regulate.
  • Expensive: SMC fans are one of the most expensive ceiling fans in the market today. Although SMC fans largely offer value for money, especially in terms of efficiency, durability and overall functionality, the prices they go for are on the high side. Ceiling fans generally sells for between N10, 000 – N18, 000 but the SMC fans are about 20 to 50 percent higher.
  • Can be Noisy: One of the downside of the SMC ceiling fans is that the fan can get noisy, especially when it is developing faults.
  • Not Readily Available: SMC ceiling fans are not the most readily available in As of today, over 60 percent of ecommerce stores do not have the products available as they are out of stock. People are complaining about the limited numbers manufactured in general, this product has become scarce. Although part of this is as a result of the limitation when it comes to importation of electronics into the country due to the global pandemic.

SMC Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

SMC Ceiling fans, comes in different sizes, types and designs like all other ceiling fan brands. There are two main types of SMC ceiling fans – the K model and the KL model. SMC K model is more common in the market and can be purchased between N21, 000 and N27, 000 depending on the power output of the fan, the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase and other factors. SMC KL model is also available for purchase around the same price range.

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