Rechargeable Fan Prices in Nigeria (November, 2020)

Rechargeable fans are great assets at home or office during the hot season, especially in Nigeria with unreliable power supply. The portable rechargeable fans can be great for camping and personal cooling. It is facts that Nigeria is a place where power remains a big issue. That has increased the need for alternate sources of power and this has increased the demand for rechargeable fans.

One of the most sought after types of fan is the rechargeable fans making the market for this kind of fan to grow, and so are the numbers of manufacturers.

There are various types, features and sizes of rechargeable fans. Due to the different types and brands available today, there is a variability in power quality and durability. Some of the rechargeable fans feature fast-charging and lasting batteries, some others might be less powerful.

When buying a rechargeable fan, there are a number of factors to consider. It is often important to check the power requirement, the battery capacity which will determine how long it will charge for and last for when there is power outage. It is equally necessary to determine the type that will suit your purpose of buying it, the brand and some other basic factors.

Rechargeable Fan Prices in Nigeria

Qasa Rechargeable Fan

N20,000 – N25, 000

If a giant, powerful and durable rechargeable fan is what you need, then Qasa rechargeable should be among the top options on your list. This fan is 18-inch tall, and is one of the most giant rechargeable fans available in terms of height. It has outstanding features that enables smooth operation and makes the fan so easy to use. Despite the big size, it can be moved easily from one place to the other. This fan comes with five-blade and is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. It charges fully for about 5 to 6 hours and will last you for over 10 to 12 hours with smooth operation. Qasa fan has the ability to be operated with a remote control. The fan comes with a night light and enables USB charging for your mobile phone and devices.

Lontor Rechargeable Fan

(N26,000 – N28,000)

This rechargeable fan is 16-inch tall and is one of the most reliable and high quality fan available in the market. This fan comes with special features that make the fan highly efficient, no wonder it is one of the most sought after fans in Nigeria today. The fan has 3-blade and it charges fully within 5 hours and can work for 8 hours continuously when there is no power supply. Although this fan is not as high as Qasa fan, it is still powerful and reliable.

OX Rechargeable Fan

(N18,000 – N25,000)

This is one of the most popular brands in the fan market. They have built a reputation and a class for themselves. OX fans are well regarded for their powerful and smooth operation coupled with their durability, reliability and ruggedness. The rechargeable fan follows suit. Ox fan comes with a 3-step speed control and a pack support to control large volumes of air. Ox fans comes with the least noise emission possible for a fan. This fan is a giant and is also as high as Qasa (18 inches). It is shipped with a silver coating and is suitable for use both indoor and outdoor. It charges fully within 7 hours and lasts for as long as 8 hours when there is no power supply.

Sonitec Rechargeable Fan

(N22,000 – N25,000)

This fan is regarded as one of the best rechargeable fans available today. It is a standout fan, it comes with an extra cooling effect feature that provides extra refreshing and cooling air no matter how hot the weather condition is. This reliable rechargeable fan charges fully in 6 to 7 hours and can last about 6 to 8 hours of full operation when there is no power supply.

Andrakk Water Mist Rechargeable Fan

(N25,000 –N33,000)

This fan is a multi-functional, efficient and dependable fan. This fan is  considered as one of the most powerful fans in the market. It has a solar panel and can also be charged with electrical power. This fan can charge fully within 6 to 7 hours and lasts as long as 7 to 8 hours of full operation.

Rechargeable Binatone Fan

(N18, 000 – N23, 000)

This is another popular brand in the market. Rechargeable Binatone fan fully charges within 7 hours and lasts for a minimum of 6 hours of full operation. Binatone is known for producing reliable, durable and highly efficient fans and the rechargeable fan follows the same quality trend.

There are also several products available that are also top-notch and worth buying. Some of them are:

  • Rechargeable Century Fan: N15, 000 – N18, 000
  • Rechargeable Duravolt 16 inches Fan: N16,000 – N19, 000
  • Nexus 18-inch Rechargeable Fan; N22,000 – N25,000
  • Sonik Rechargeable Fan: N34,000 – N38, 000
  • Rechargeable Biano Fan: N20, 000 – N28, 000
  • Harris Rechargeable Fan: N28,000 – N33, 000

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