Ox Fan Price In Nigeria (November, 2020)

Indeed, the distributors of the OX industrial standing fan and wall fan in Nigeria is the GZ industrial Nigeria. They are country’s first and best B2B online and offline warehouse for all industrial supplies, welding consumables, marine paints and Coatings, used and brand new construction equipment, HVAC equipment and all consumables.

They are a well-organized B2B marketplace and a preferred destination for small scale to medium-scale enterprise that seeks to procure industrial goods for their businesses.

This OX fans are very suitable for churches, homes and office to achieve a relaxed and comfortable environment. They come with nice features that gives you the best cooling experience. You can adjust the height of the fan to your desired range for a better cooling effect or you can still position it to a particular area.

Most OX fans comes with a 3 speed selector which allows you have absolute control over the fan by regulating how fast the blades rotates. They have a sturdy base which gives it solid stability and ensures it does not tilt. Also, the blades of the fan are made from a rust resistant material that guarantees long lasting usage. Their high efficient blades allow you cool your body temperature in an instant.

Most of their fans have silent operation which you can use anywhere whether you are in the office working or at home trying to rest. This means with their standing fan, you will get flexibility, high speed cooling and low noise operation.

They can be used in any area of your home such as the living room, dining room and bedroom as long as there is power outlet close to the fan. They are made from durable materials which will conveniently serve you for a longer time of use. So ensure you turn to this standing fan from OX after a stressful day for maximum comfort.

Key Features of OX Industrial Standing Fan

  1. Has Advanced Oscillating switch
  2. It Has Extra Heavy duty
  3. It has a powerful airflow
  4. Has a powerful Turbo motor
  5. It has a longer durable working hour
  6. Longer durability
  7. Has a temperature control motor

Technical Specifications of OX Industrial Standing Fan

  1. Their Area of Use: Bedroom, living room, office, etc.
  2. Their Colors: OX fans comes with silver, mint green, and black colors.
  3. Their Main Material: COPPER
  4. Model: Fs-66x
  5. Their Sizes (L x W x H cm): 37 X 25.5X12.5cm
  6. Their Weight (kg): from 16.0

Ox Fan Price in Nigeria

Below are various Ox fan prices in Nigeria.

  • Ox standing fan 18 inch 10,000
  • Ox standing fan 26 inches 29,500
  • Ox standing fan 20 inches 27,000
  • Ox industrial standing fan 18 inches 23,000
  • Ox 26 inches industrial outdoor cooling water mist fan 91,000

By choosing from a wide range of products at wholesale prices! The ox distributor is the leading supply company in Nigeria that showcase a diverse assortment of products which are arranged under a gamut of categories. This distributor makes it very easy for business consumers to buy better, faster and affordable fans for their enterprises anytime and anywhere.

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