Industrial Sewing Machines Prices in Nigeria – 2018

Industrial Sewing Machines Prices in Nigeria – The fashion industry in Nigeria has come of age. What this suggests is heighten competition between fashion designers across the country. The good thing is, the market is in Nigeria, and you will be amazed how much requests cloth makers get on a daily basis.

The best way to meet these huge remands is to be equipped with the right sewing equipment, one of which is the industrial sew machine.Industrial sewing machines have, since their introduction to the Nigerian market, been a revelation.

They have made sewing generally easier, faster and less stressful. They are generally more effective, churn out more output and save a lot of time. Little wonder the machine has been embraced by fashion designers in the country.

The success of industrial sewing machine in the fashion design market today has attracted a lot of sewing machine manufacturers. In fact, Nigeria is regarded as one of the largest markets for sewing machines in Africa. Industrial sewing machines vary in sizes, styles, functionality, quality and of course, prices.

With the importance of industrial sewing machine growing each day, this post opens you up to how much you will need to get one for yourself.

Prices of New Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

Nigeria has one of the largest markets for industrial sewing machine in Africa, thanks to the constant huge demand. There are various types and class of industrial sewing machines in the market today. While some are quite expensive, some others are relatively affordable.

The best option is always getting a brand new of any product, especially sewing equipment. It gives you peace of mind and establishes this freshness and ease in these operations. Most of the manufacturers even offer guarantee on the products and you can easily return whenever you have issues with the product.

Here, we will take a look at prices of some popular brand new industrial sewing machine brands in Nigeria.

  • Emel Industrial Sewing Machine: N90, 000 – N120,000
  • Butterfly Industrial Sewing Machine: N70,000 – N80,000
  • Sumo Industrial Sewing Machine: N115,000 – N120,000
  • Singer Professional Industrial Sewing Machine: N180,000 – N250,000
  • Brother Industrial Sewing Machine: N350,000 – N500,000

Prices of Used Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria

The durability and ruggedness of industrial sewing machines make used versions of the sewing machine a safe option for buyers that cannot afford the brand new. Although you shouldn’t expect perfect sleekness and freshness, you can still be guaranteed smooth operation and quality functionality.

Here are the prices of used industrial sewing machines in Nigeria. It should be noted that the condition of the sewing machine plays a huge part in the variation of the prices.

  • Emel Industrial Sewing Machine: N60, 000 – N80,000
  • Butterfly Industrial Sewing Machine: N40,000 – N70,000
  • Sumo Industrial Sewing Machine: N50,000 – N100,000
  • Singer Professional Industrial Sewing Machine: N100,000 – N150,000
  • Brother Industrial Sewing Machine: N200,000 – N350,000

Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines, like normal manual and electrical sewing machines, vary in sizes, brands, types and class. Although most industrial machines are highly functional and effective, it is always essential to get the exact type that suits your need.

One of the biggest surprises for shoppers of industrial sewing machines is the sheer volume of choice out there. While you may be forced to think that there may not be all that much distinction between different models of industrial sewing machines, that is not entirely true.

As a consumer you should always be careful when deciding on any purchase, especially if it involves commercial use. If you have never before considered what to look for when buying a new or used industrial sewing machine, here are some things that you might want to ponder about.

  • Brand: Asking the question of what to look for when buying an industrial sewing machine should begin with which brand you fancy and are familiar with. There are hundreds of various brands of industrial sewing machine available in Nigeria. While some of these brands are already known for quality and top-class machines, some might have less reputation. In the industrial sewing machine market, it is always advisable to go for brands with already established and proven names.
  • Ease of Use: This is another huge factor to consider is the ease of use of industrial machines. Although most industrial machines are easy to use, some few are quite technical and might require additional training to get used to. Depending on your preference, you might consider industrial sewing machines with less difficulty in its usage.
  • Functionality: People buy industrial sewing machine for various purposes. It is always easier to identify the right industrial sewing machine when you know exactly what you need the sewing machine for. There are various industrial sewing machines which specialize in different applications. Industrial sewing machines have different sets of stitches they can perform and are set up to perform specific tasks.
  • Maintenance: Check the history and availability of the brand you are buying. Make sure the spare parts are readily available and the sewing machine is generally easy to maintain. Some brands are scarce and no matter how good they are, one may find it quite be difficult to get spare parts when you need them.

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