Elepaq Generators Price in Nigeria (November, 2020)

Electricity is very important in our lives to the extent that nobody wants to stay without electricity these days. We use electricity for the powering of gadgets, appliances, instruments, equipment as well as daily activities in the home, offices, shops, and various business establishments.

In a bid to always have constant power supply as a result of the condition of electric power supply in Nigeria, people look to generators. Elepaq generator brand is among generators that are highly sought after.

Elepaq Generator Buying Guide

To buy a very good generator is not just about walking into a store and picking any one that suits your fancy. There are some factors to put into consideration so as to make the best choice and some of this factors are:

Dimension: It is very important to consider the generator size. It wouldn’t be good to purchase a generator only to find out that there is no sufficient space to keep and operate the generator. It is proper to be sure that the generator that you finally go for will fit and be comfortably operated from the space that has been made available for it.

Rated Power: This is simply the amount of load that a generator can comfortably carry all things being equal. This rating is measured in KVA or VA or W. 1KVA is the same as 1000 VA, so a 1.5KVA generator is the same thing as 1500 VA. It is highly recommended to go for a generator with rated power above one’s need. This way you’ll be sure that rated power won’t be exceeded.

Starting method: Elepaq generators comes with either key (kick starter), recoil starter (rope & grip), or both. Usually, the ones that come with key starter are easier to start, but are more expensive.

Fuel type: Majority of Elepaq generators make use of petrol, but there are some that run on diesel. It is good to be sure that the one you decide to go for is one that you are comfortable with.

Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR): One of the things to look out for when purchasing a generator is AVR. It should be noted that Elepaq generators are usually fitted with an AVR.

Portability Kit: Features such as wheels, rollers, and handles allows one in moving the generator around. Some Elepaq generators come with such features but they might be more expensive.

Elepaq Generators Price in Nigeria

Below is a price list of Elepaq generators in Nigeria.

  • Elepaq 3.5KVA Key Start Generator SV5200E2 – 78,000 naira to 95,000 naira
  • Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Start Generator SV6500E2 – 90,000 naira to 100,000 naira
  • Elepaq 1.4KVA Generator ECO1990 – 35,000 naira to 38,000 naira
  • Elepaq 8KVA Generator ECO1990 – 57,000 naira to 69,000 naira
  • Elepaq 5KVA Generator EC3500 – 78,000 naira to 85,000 naira
  • Elepaq 2.7KVA Generator EC3800cx – 60,000 naira to 67,000 naira
  • Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator Ec3800cx – 73,000 naira to 85,900 naira
  • Elepaq 2.5KVA Generator SV3500E2 – 98, 00 naira to 120,000 naira
  • Elepaq 5KVA Generator SV4800 – 105,000 naira to 110,000 naira
  • Elepaq 3.0KVA Generator SV4800 – 66,700 naira to 75,990 naira
  • Elepaq 1.3KVA Generator SV2200 – 30,000 naira to 60,000 naira
  • Elepaq 7.5KVA Generator SV2200 – 190,000 naira to 210, 000 naira
  • Elepaq 3.5KVA Generator SV3800E2 – 78,000 naira to 90,000 naira
  • Elepaq 1.8KVA Generator SPG 2200 – 54,000 naira to 62,000 naira
  • Elepaq 3.2KVA Generator ECO4990ES – 76,000 naira to 85,000 naira
  • Elepaq 3KVA Generator EC5200cx – 80,000 naira to 95,000 naira
  • Elepaq 2.2KVA Generator EC5200cx – 59,000 naira to 70,000 naira
  • Elepaq 7.5KVA Generator SV20000E2 – 165,000 naira to 172, 000 naira
  • Elepaq 10KVA Generator SV20000E2 – 170,000 naira to 197,000 naira
  • Elepaq 6.5KVA Generator SV15000E2 – 178,000 naira to 185,000 naira
  • Elepaq 7.5KVA Generator SV15000E2 – 180,000 naira to 215,000 naira
  • Elepaq 10KVA Generator SV18000E2 – 215,000 naira to 250,000 naira
  • Elepaq 4.5KVA Generator SV7200E2 – 93,000 naira to 100,000 naira
  • Elepaq 5.0KVA Generator SV7200E2 – 99,000 naira to 110,000 naira
  • Elepaq 5KVA Generator DG6LE – 107,000 naira to 111,000 naira
  • Elepaq 5KVA Generator DG4LE – 97,000 naira to 104,000 naira

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