Diesel Generator Prices in Nigeria (November, 2020)

Nigeria as a developing nation does not have stable power supply. As such many Nigerians rely heavily on generators and this includes diesel generators. Generally, petrol generators make less noise and produce less harmful carbon dioxide fumes than diesel generators, but diesel generators are generally known to use less fuel quantity and produce more power than petrol generators.

This cost effectiveness is why diesel generators are mostly used in many homes, offices, construction sites, and factories that require huge amount of power supply for long periods. When compare to Petrol generators, Diesel generators supply power for longer periods while using about less quantity of fuel.

Diesel Generator Buying Guide

Cheaper in the long run: Diesel Generators may be more expensive during initial purchases, but they’re quite cheaper in the long run when putting costs of fuel and maintenance into consideration. As a result most organizations go for diesel standby generators, it is cheaper in the long run.

Good performance and stability:  When compared to petrol generators, diesel generators are more efficient and stable as the engines are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Diesel generators are the most preferred choice for industrial or home applications since they are more affordable and come with an excellent performance that’s greater than petrol generators although they are not as stable as gas generators.

They can accommodate more fault tolerance and require less maintenance than any other types of generators out there.

Safer: When compared to both the petrol and gas generators, diesel generators are the safest alternative power source in Nigeria. This is as a result of the fuel used in diesel generator is least inflammable compared to natural gas or petrol.

Increased power capability: Diesel generators are ideal for large applications such as use in banks, farms, manufacturing industries. There are even smaller ones for home use. Diesel generators generate power continuously without spike or sag in the current.

Guide to Buying a Diesel Generator

  • The first thing to consider when buying a diesel generator is the purpose of use as this helps in calculating the required wattage to be used. This helps in narrowing down on the right kind of diesel powered generator to buy, such as a small diesel generator or a portable diesel generator.
  • The largest cost when it comes to diesel generators is that of fuel consumption and operating cost for power applications. Diesel generators usually consume between 0.28 and 0.4 litres of fuel per kilowatt hour at the generator terminals.
  • Items to check out include engine make, alternator make, controller make, circuit breaker make, support, design, compliance to local standards, reference of usage for similar application and presence in local market.

Diesel Generator Prices in Nigeria

Below is a price list of Diesel generators

  • Kipor  KDE7000T 5.0KVA                                      ₦390,000 – ₦500,000
  • Firman SDG15FS 15KVA                                       ₦1,900,000 – ₦2,730,000
  • Elemax SHT25D 3 PHASE 20KVA                         ₦3,350,000 – ₦3,685,000
  • Lutian 5GF-LDEX 4.8KVA                                     ₦429,000 – ₦490,000
  • Elemax SH15D 14KVA  .                                        ₦2,900,000 – ₦3,305,000
  • Kipor  3 PHASE 19.5KVA                                     ₦2,620,000 – ₦2,882,000
  • Elemax SHT25D  3 Phase 20KVA                       ₦3,000,000 – ₦3,600,000
  • Firman  SDG 7000SE 5KVA      .                          ₦350,000 – ₦410,000
  • Sumec Firman 5KVA                                            ₦372,210 – ₦450,000
  • FG Wilson 13.5 KVA                                            ₦2,420,000
  • Gateway Power 36 KVA                                     ₦3,460,000
  • FG Wilson 30 KVA                                               ₦3,440,000
  • Mahindra 125 KVA                                             ₦8,900,000

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