Price & Cost of IVF in Nigeria 2018: Complete Info | Guide

Knowing the cost of IVF in Nigeria today is really great for couples who are finding it hard to procreate or create babies readily. IVF is short for intro vitro fertilization.

There are tons of hospitals where you can do your IVF in Nigeria and they all have varying cost to – like the luth, bridge clinic Nigeria, national hospital Abuja, Nordica fertility clinic Nigeria. IVF can be done in Abuja, Lagos and other cities around the country.

In this post, you will get to know how the amount, price or how much it will take you to get your IVF done in Nigeria.

Price and Cost of IVF in Nigeria

The cost of IVF in Nigeria falls from N800,000 and can go us as high as N2,000,000. It could be more or less depending on the center and the treatment plan.

Some hospitals and clinics can allow you to pay in deposits or installments if you want to split the bill. You can pay for upto 70% upfront before the IVF treatment begins

The duration of a typical IVF treatment takes between 4 to 8 weeks depend on the peculiarity of the case and most time there’s usually no need for admission at the centre.

Factors that affect the cost of IVF treatment

There are many factors that will affect the price and cost of IVF in Nigeria, chief among them are:


Generally, the younger the couple, the higher the success rate of treatment. This is due to the fact that egg and sperm often reduce in viability as couples grow older.

As a result, it can be quite expensive if you’re attempting to conceive with IVF as a much older couple.

For couples below 35 years, the IVF success rate is 40-45%. For couples between 35 to 39 years, the success rates fall between 30 to 35%.

But for couples older than 40 years, the IVF success rate is around 10% or even less.

Number of cycles

The number of cycles is another vital factor that should be considered when calculating the cost of your IVF treatment.

For example, at Nordica, a reputable IVF centre in the country, the cost ranges from N870, 000 to N1, 760, 000 depending on the number of cycle. Below is an overview of the cost of the ART cycle from the Nordica website:

  1. Single Cycle package: N870,000
  2. Two cycle package: N1,260,000
  3. Three Cycle package: N1,760,000

Cost of IVF drugs

Another aspect of IVF that incurs cost is the drugs and supplements being used. Drugs and supplements can cost up to N200, 000 or even much more.

The drugs usually include prescription drugs and supplements which is some can cost can cost as much as N500, 000.

In the case of surrogacy, the drugs for both the surrogate and the donor could cost well over N1,000,000.

Where to do your IVF in Nigeria

However, there are only 5 teaching hospitals that offer IVF treatment. These include:

  • University of Benin Teaching Hospital
  • Lagos University Teaching Hospital
  • National Hospital, Abuja
  • Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
  • University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

On the other hand, there are over 40 private IVF centres in the country.


The cost of carrying out your IVF in Nigeria is not cheap as the procedure is really technical and requires finesse.

You can do further research to get the best places to carryout your IVF in Nigeria.

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Complete Price, Reviews & Coupons in Nigeria