Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria (November, 2020)

A Fan is a simple appliances used to create a cooling effect. Fans are used more during the dry season or when the weather is hot in Nigeria. Ceiling fan is arguably one of the most economic ways when it comes to cooling the temperature in a room. Over the past two to three decades ceiling fans have widely gained popularity. Ceiling Fans is now a most have in any building since it started as a cost effective alternative to air conditioning to cool living rooms, offices, bedrooms and other similar environments.

Although there is a very strong competition between ceiling fans and standing fans, they still have their own strong market as lots of people prefer the ceiling fan to standing fan. Ceiling fans are relatively easy to use apart from the stress in mounting and installing them. Ceiling fans don’t consume much space, since one rarely notice them because they are hung on the ceiling.

Ceiling fans are mainly powered by electricity although latest technologies have introduced ceiling fans that can be power by alternative power sources like solar and batteries, they come in different forms, sizes, designs and brands.

Ceiling fans will not go out of stock any time soon, because Nigerians appreciate convenience. Ceiling fans remain among the most sought after fans in the country till date. Ceiling fans are so popular to the extent that almost every building boast of one in each of the rooms. These days, they are rarely installed in standard office, but they still remain a core part of a house, since they are among the most affordable fans in the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

  • Amount you budgeted for the fans: In Nigeria, one must have up to N5,000 to get a good ceiling fan. It should be noted that bigger amount of fan attracts bigger performance. For such bigger amount one should expect improved functionality and motor performance as well as a greater variety of styles, accessories, and fan controls. This price range ceiling fans offers reverse function and full-range light dimming.
  • Size of the fan: When buying fans especially ceiling fans, sizes matter a lot. It’s good to measure the room you buying the ceiling fan for, hence making the fan to blow very well. This means that before buying any fan especially ceiling fans, one must try to know the measurement of the ceiling and the room. It’s not good to guess the ceiling height by eyeing it. What looks to the human eye to be a 20’ ceiling is often actually a 14’ high ceiling. This is very important. Ones fan blades should measure at least 7’ off the floor, ideally 8’ off the floor. Fans come with at least a 6” downrod. There will be no need to order an additional downrod, if the ceiling is 9’.
  • Fan light: It is a matter of personal preference choosing a ceiling fan with lighting. Buy a ceiling fan without a light kit If you plan to install the fan in a space with good natural lighting or sufficient light fixtures. Choose a ceiling fan with a light kit, if the space could use a boost of general lighting. Ceiling fans offer a range of lighting sources – halogen, fluorescent or LED.

Other factors to consider include, BRAND, STYLE, FINISH, COLOR, CONTROL (Remote Control, Wall Control, Pull Chain) and many others.

Ceiling Fan Prices in Nigeria

  • QASA 36 inches ceiling fan: N5, 000 – N6, 000
  • QASA 56 inches ceiling fan: N6, 500 – N8, 000
  • QASA 60 inches ceiling fan: N8, 500 – N9, 500
  • QASA 62 inches ceiling fan: 10, 000 – N13, 000
  • OX 25 inches ceiling fan: N7, 500 – N8, 000
  • OX Imperial 56 inches ceiling fan: N7, 000 – N9, 000
  • OX 60 inches ceiling fan: N8, 500 – N9, 500
  • OX 62 inches ceiling fan: N9, 500 – N11, 000
  • ORL 24 inches ceiling fan: N8, 000 – N10, 000
  • ORL 56 inches ceiling fan: N8, 000 – N10, 000
  • ORL 60 inches ceiling fan: N9, 700 – N11, 000
  • ORL 62 inches ceiling fan: N10, 000 – N13, 000
  • Century 56 inches ceiling fan: N7, 000 – N8, 000
  • Century 60 inches ceiling fan: N9, 300 – N12, 000
  • Panasonic 56 inches ceiling fan: N18, 000 – N22, 000
  • Panasonic 60 inches ceiling fan: N20, 000 – N25, 000
  • Sonic 56 inches ceiling fan: N6, 000 – N7, 000
  • Sonic 60 inches ceiling fan: N8, 000 – N11, 000

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