Bridal Hand Fan Price In Nigeria (November, 2020)

Indeed, brides are always very beautiful. but how about getting accessories that will enhance your outfit with? You can get a beautifully hand-crafted hand fans that is made with so much love for you.

Today, we will share with you some prices of bridal hand fan in Nigeria that are very stylish and affordable. Most of this bridal Hand fan are adorable, elegant and gives graceful appearance on your special day.

Price of bridal hand fan in Nigeria

Alexie’s Majestique All Gold Feathers Bridal Hand-fan

Note that gold is the colour of the season and they know that Brides are always very beautiful. They will enhance your outfit with their beautifully hand-crafted hand fans made with uniquely and alluringly gold linings which adores with matching details designed to make your bridal outfit stand out.

The features of the Gold Feathers with matching Accessories

  • The Size – 10 inches by 10 inches
  • The Length – 6cm
  • It is designed to make your outfit stand out
  • Note that your elegant and graceful appearance on your special day is their business.

Price is ₦8,000

Brides n Queens “Allure Intense” Feathers Bridal Hand-fan – Red

A very large bridal feather hand fan should be your best choice and the best accessory you’d choose to add a pop to that wedding outfit and pictures.

Price is ₦8000


This is a beautiful and stylish bridal hand fan, comfortable and light to use. This beautifully made hand fan will compliment your bridal wear.

The Key Features:

  • It is beautiful and classy
  • Very comfortable and light to carry
  • It will compliment your dressing

The Specifications:

  • The Color: Champaign gold
  • The Product Line: Double DD
  • The Weight (kg): 0.5

Price is ₦ 10,000

Brides n Queens “Royal Glam” Purple & Gold Bridal Hand-fan

Here is another Purple Hand fan with rich Gold Roses with adorned Pearls which is designed to give you that regally grand look! Remember that your elegant and graceful appearance on that special day is the business of the designers.

Price is ₦5,000

The Wedding Home Bridal Hand Fan

Now you can beautify yourself with this colorful hand fan on that special day created for stylish and elegant women with good sense of style. This elegant hand fan is suitable for occasions such as wedding, church, party and any other occasion.

The Key Features:

  • It’s beautiful and trendy
  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable

The Specifications:

  • The Color: Pink
  • The Main Material: Pink
  • The Weight (kg): 1

Price is ₦ 5,500

Cool Lady Bridal Wedding Favor Plastic Fabric Summer Hand Held Folding Fan

The Key Features:

  • The Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green
  • The Size: App 43x22cm
  • The Weight: App 54g
  • The Material: Terylene, Plastic
  • The product includes: One folding fan

The Specifications:

  • Shop by Age: 4-12 Years
  • The Care Label: No direct sunlight, cleaning with low percentage alcohol
  • The Color: Multi
  • The Main Material: synthetic
  • The Size (L x W x H cm): 5 x 5 x 5
  • The Weight (kg): 0.5

Price is ₦2,457

Retro Style Lace Handmade Hand Fan Parasol Wedding Bridal Party White-Ivory Fan

The Key Features:

  • The color: White
  • The Material: Cloth
  • The Size:27cm (hand fan)
  • The Weight: 53g (hand fan)

The Specifications:

  • The Care Label: 1
  • The Color: White Ivory fan
  • Model: DEF110906
  • The Size (L x W x H cm): 25*6*3
  • The Weight (kg): 0.075

Price is ₦ 2,549

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