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Best Gardening Gloves: Bargain and Trusted Garden Glove Sets to Buy in 2020

A great pair of the best gardening gloves is definitely going to make your gardening activities and yardwork way faster, safer, cleaner and even more comfortable.

There is less reason to be alarmed when shopping for a good garden glove as most of them are very cheap and affordable, but there is a little challenge in picking the right gloves especially for first timers.

Gloves are made from different types of materials and the strength may determine the type of gardening activity it may be used for. The fabrics may include a variety of fabrics, including cotton, leather, and nitrile, and each type is best for a certain type of duty.

Handmaster Bella Comfort FlexHandmaster Bella Comfort FlexMen’s and women’s sizes$$
Piddlin’ Jenny Women’s Leather Gardening GlovesPiddlin’ Jenny Women’s Leather Gardening GlovesMen’s and women’s sizes$$
G&F 5013M Just For Kids Genuine Leather Work and Garden GlovesG&F 5013M Just For Kids Genuine Leather Work and Garden GlovesMen’s and women’s sizes$$
Fir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves with GauntletFir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves with GauntletUNISEX$$
Bionic Gloves Relief GripBionic Gloves Relief GripMen’s and women’s sizes$$
Atlas Nitrile Touch GlovesAtlas Nitrile Touch GlovesMen’s and women’s sizes$$
Foxgloves Original GlovesFoxgloves Original GlovesMen’s and women’s sizes$$

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What you need to know about the best garden gloves

Most experts will recommend that you use a breathable and washable cotton glove for lighter duties like planting and raking, but cotton can soak up water easily and become heavy and uncomfortable, it can also tear easily.

The leather gloves are great for heavy duty garden jobs like digging, chopping of wood, pruning brushes, driving the tractor. The gloves made from the high quality rubbery nitrile material is very durable and gives a steadier grip even in damp, wet and muddy environment

There is also consideration for the gardener working with thorns and rose plants, very thick bushes and shrubs of any kind should consider getting gloves that cover beyond the wrist. There are also gloves that cover up to the elbows and they are called GAUNTLETS, this can help to protect the arms from scratches, scrapes and punctures.

The best garden gloves also can help to prevent sporotrichosis, which is a rare but potentially serious fungal infection also known as “rose gardener’s disease” that can affect the skin, lungs and even the nervous system.

What materials are the best garden gloves made from?

There a great selection of glove materials and they are dependent on the type of garden work you want to accomplish. You have to consider what the gloves are made off before venturing to get one, will it be convenient to handle the garden tool or plants?

Garden Gloves materials vary in thickness, versatility, design and flex, you really do not want to make a blunder in your selection process

  • Leathers garden gloves

There are various types of leathers gloves for you to choose from and they can range from supple and fitting to thick and bulky gloves. One of the best quality leather gloves is made from goat skin, which is known to be soft, durable, puncture resistant and fits perfectly.

Pigskin is another popular leather used in making garden gloves, though it is also strong and durable, it is also a less expensive choice as it is more common. Leather garden gloves are very good for protection as they can shield your hands from thorns from roses and bramble plants.

Cowhide in its split for is also very popular but it is one of the cheapest around. It is very durable and rugged, can be used in all garden activities and can handle tough jobs perfectly. It can last for years but can become stiff with time and not suitable for people with smaller hands.

>>> Recommended leather garden gloves: Pixpri Goatskin LEATHER Garden Gloves, Working Gloves,Comfort Fit 3D Mesh Improves Dexterity and Breathability

  • Synthetic garden gloves

The synthetic leather garden gloves are man-made materials that are mimic a natural leather and are improved upon for durability.

They are an inexpensive source for materials in making garden gloves and they are also used as lining or reinforcements in making the leather gloves.

Due to the synthetic nature, they may not last too long. They are prone to cracking, peeling and they are not resistant to the weather but they are easier to clean, without becoming stiff like there leather gloves counterpart.

>>> Recommended synthetic garden gloves: Blue Ridge Brand™ synthetic Work Gloves

  • Cotton garden gloves

This is one of the most popular materials used in making the best gardening gloves. Cotton garden gloves are breathable, washable, and lightweight and they come in diverse colors and patterns.

The fact that they are light means that, they can only be used for easier garden jobs like pruning, digging and weeding and they are not totally fitting.

They offer lesser protection and sharp objects can easily puncture the cotton garden gloves, they can also get seed heads stuck on them and other objects can tangle in.

>>> Recommended cotton garden gloves: Wells Lamont Work Gloves, Jersey Basic, Wearpower, 3 Pair Pack (508LF)

  • Waterproof Coatings (Nitrile garden gloves)

Nitrile is a waterproof coating made from rubber used for the reinforcements of materials like cotton and can be made into s full garden glove version. It provides protection from the elements and protection from prickly thorns and stems.

It is not breathable i.e. having pores so you will definitely have sweat on your hand which I a major discomfort for most people. It is highly waterproof though and also durable.

>>> Recommended nitrile garden gloves: Diamond Gloves Black Advance Nitrile  Gloves

  • Combination Materials

Combination materials is when other materials are used in making gardening gloves, the materials may include lycra, spandex or neoprene for durability and water resistance. They are used with cottons and other materials for added durability and protection.

>>> Recommended combination materials garden gloves: Kimberly-Clark Professional 55083 PURPLE NITRILE


Considering that there so many and varied amount of high quality gardening gloves in the market today, you have to be conscious of your needs before making a purchase.

You should consider if it is made for men or women and also the price should be looked into too. You should also consider the following factors before you make your choice:

  • What duties will you be using the gardening gloves for

You have to get a garden glove that is ideal for more than one task, especially as you can be doing heavy yard work today and tomorrow, it will be a light job.

  • What tools will you be handling in the garden

Handling of tools like shovels and rakes is easy with any sort of garden gloves, but if you will be using pruning shears and loppers, you will need a firmer grip and the flexibility of the garden gloves.

  • How frequent will you be using the garden gloves

If you will be using the gloves almost every day, then you need one that is very durable and rugged to last you a long while. If it will be for selected times, then you can select a much cheaper glove.

  • What type of plant and vegetation will you be working on with the garden gloves

There are different types of plants and they come in different shapes, sizes and also weeds. Tis include thorny plants, fuzzy stems, sticky fluids, prickly hair and sharp ends. You have to get a gardening glove that withstand anything you come in contact with on the farm and should be washable too.

Best gardening gloves review : what are the best garden gloves

This is our topmost pick of the best gardening gloves:


This garden glove was made with your utmost protection in mind, it is made to protect against thorny and prickly plants in the garden. This also makes it one of the best women’s gardening gloves and best gardening gloves for men.

It has a latex coating that tends to ward off biting and stinging insects commonly found around the garden plants.

It has an extended fitted cuff that provides extra protection and a coating covers the knitted base. This knitted base helps to keep your hands cool while you are working and sucks up the moisture created by your hands.

This is a very durable glove and it can find great use for digging, planting and even weed pilling, but if you want a glove that is great for rough garden work, then you should consider another glove.

As a general glove to use for digging, planting, and weed pulling- this seems like a pretty durable, and inexpensive choice. If you are looking for a heavier duty work glove for multi-tasking, or something that can handle using rough garden tools on a regular basis, you may want to consider other options.


  • Material: Textured latex coated knit shell
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted Wrist
  • Price: $$
  • Our Rating:4.4 Stars


  • Protection against thorn and prickles
  • Has a very Good grip
  • Wards off and protects you from biting garden insects
  • Always keeps your hands cool


  • Not fully thorn proof
  • Some have 3 rather than 5 threads
  • Coating is not very flexible

It has both men and women sizes and it is fitted for a more comfortable job.


This is a very soft and flexible garden glove made from goatskin leathers and it is double-stitched and reinforced at the joints to prevent it from tearing and wearing when in use due to friction.

The leather is puncture resistant and this also provides an extra layer of protection when handling and grasping thorny vegetation. A thicker mesh at the back helps to keep the hands cool and allows the hands to dry off easily from moisture.

Goatskin is very supple, this gives a good and flexible grip and this is a plus when you are handling some other small garden hand tools. This is a great step up from cotton gloves


  • Material: Goatskin leather and mesh
  • Size: Unisex
  • Wrist Closure: Tapered wrist
  • Price: $
  • Our Rating:4.8 Stars


  • Highly Reinforced double stitching
  • Spaced Mesh allows for breathability
  • Supple, Pliable and soft
  • Strong and Durable


  • One size doesn’t fit smaller hands well
  • Strong tanning smell out of packaging

This is a unisex glove but one size does not fit all hands so you have to consider the hand size before purchase if you want it fitted. It is comfortable and versatile for average sized individuals.



This is one of the best garden gloves made with strength, durability and comfort in mind. They are highly protective gloves and are handy for a full day in the garden and working on tough vegetation.

There are versions for men and women and there are size variations too that you can pick from. It is made from a puncture resistant synthetic leather and spandex, it is also reinforced to withstand extra wear and tear. They are the best rose gardening gloves, best gloves for pulling weeds, best rose pruning gloves

There is an extra bit of elastic in the wrist that keeps them from slipping off and the long gauntlet provides protection up to your elbows without giving you heating stress that gardening sleeves are prone to.

Not all are double stitched, so you might have to remove hard chores like shoveling and pulling to a stronger glove.


  • Material: Synthetic leather and spandex
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Elbow length gauntlet
  • Price: $$$$$
  • Our Rating:4.7 Stars


  • Long design helps protect wrists and forearms
  • Handles extreme heat and cold
  • Provides good grip
  • Protects from all but the worst of thorns


  • Runs slightly small, so order one size up
  • Seams are not double-stitched
  • Not water resistant

It has flexible knuckles with an added layer of protection for those who work around roses and cactus plants.


This is a pack of breathable and water resistant nitrile gardening gloves which are exactly needed for an added barrier for light weight work in the yarg or garden.

They fit snugly like a second skin and are great for keeping your hands clean but are durable enough for basic garden practice like digging, pulling, and planting as well as additional protection for elements and insects.

They fit so snugly that you can have them on while engaging in activities where high dexterity and precision is required like tying, zipping or working with your fingers, you can even use your smartphones too!


  • Material: Nitrile
  • Size: Men’s and women’s sizes
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted tapered wrist
  • Price: $$$ (4 pack)
  • Our Rating:4.8 Stars


  • Fits like a second skin
  • Washable
  • Can maneuver small tools, zippers, pocket knives, etc
  • Long lasting for basic light gardening chores


  • Not good protection for sharp objects or heavy work
  • Not puncture proof

They are not a great selection for heavier duty tasks and they are also not puncture proof, will also not last long under constant heavy use.

They are just a simple but dependable solutions for your hands when working in the garden and there is a size for both men and women.


This is one of the best work gloves with breathable bamboo threads with a reinforced nitrile lining which makes this gloves a perfect choice for light work in the yard, lawn and garden

They are soft and durable alternative to other gloves because they are flexible and fit very well to the skin. They are washable when they get dirty and can be kept clean continuously.

Bamboo threads are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial as well for an added barrier of protection for sensitive skins.

They can handle thistle and bramble like vegetation, they are not puncture proof and do not fare well with thorny plants over time and they offer less hand protection.


  • Material: Bamboo with nitrile
  • Size: Measurable unisex
  • Wrist Closure: Fitted tapered wrist
  • Price: $$$$
  • Our Rating:4.5 Stars


  • Washable
  • Allows good dexterity
  • Breathable


  • Does not protect against thorns
  • Wears with heavy or continual use over a couple months

They are unisex gloves for men and women and you can also purchase different hand sizes, they are great for handling small tools.

Other general pick by us, select the one that interests you the most:

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