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Best composting tumblers : Unbiased Compost tumblers Reviews and Deals for 2020

Getting the best composting tumblers can definitely bring swiftness and comfort to your whole composting process. Compost tumblers are great especially when you want a clean and superb composting experience.

A composting tumbler is a unit that can hold all your kitchen and household organic matter with ease and perfection. This keeps everywhere clean and tidy and in less than a few months, you have a rich earth compost as humus.

Tumblers find more use due to the fact that they have a built in mechanism that allows you to “tumble” or mix the content. If you can stick to a regular routine, then you will come up with a very rich humus.

With the market flooded with al sort of composting tumblers that can definitely give you a buying headache, we are here again to save you from BUYING CRAP IN A RUSH and we present to you the BEST COMPOSTING TUMBLERS, But first …

What is a compost tumbler?

A compost tumbler is a container or barrel that is completely sealed and air tight which can be rotated to mix and turn composting materials into humus.

The tumbler helps to contain the heat generated by the composting process and thus quickens the process of converting kitchen and yard waste into compost. Composting tumblers were invented to make composting simpler and faster.

Composting tumblers are not the same as composting bins, while compost bins are meant to be kept on the ground with closed bottom and open top, less expensive, slower composting process and the incident of rodent infestation

Compost bin tumblers on the other hand are mounted containers that can be made to “tumble” or mix the compost it contains. Most compost tumblers have the following features: they are dark and opaque to help build and keep the heat inside. Possess chambers to place the composting materials and a handle to help in turning the compost inside.

The Best Composting Tumbler Bins : Complete Deal and Comparison Table

This is a table showing the best compost tumblers bin and barrels. This list was carefully sorted and assembled to cater for your outdoor composting needs, they are all the most popular tumbling units.

They are sorted by price in ascending format. Mobile users will see a simplified version of the best compost tumblers table but all information and data are current.

Miracle Gro DC270MG ComposterMiracle Gro DC270MG Composter2 Chambers Tumbler
20 pound ; 37 gallon
Plastic ; Steel Frame$
Yimby Black ComposterYimby Black ComposterTumbler ; Dual Chamber 26 pound ; 37 gallon100% Recycled Plastic ; 100% Recycled Steel Tubing Frame$$
Good Ideas Compost Wizard EnvirotumbleGood Ideas Compost Wizard EnvirotumbleTumbler ; Single Chamber 22 pound ; 47 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$
Good Ideas Wizard Dueling ComposterGood Ideas Wizard Dueling ComposterTumbler ; Dual Chamber 50 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$$
Spin Bin Composter tumblerSpin Bin Composter tumbler Tumbler ; Single Chamber 22 pounds ; 60 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$$
HOT FROG Dual Body Tumbling ComposterHOT FROG Dual Body Tumbling Composter Tumbler ; 2 Chambers 30 pound ; 37 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$$
Mantis CT09001 Easy SpinMantis CT09001 Easy Spin Tumbler ; Single Chamber 35 pound ; 37 gallonPlastic ; Steel Frame$$$
The Most Beautiful Composter by EnvirocycleThe Most Beautiful Composter by Envirocycle
Tumbler ; Single Chamber 25 pound ; 35 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$$
Jora 270 ComposterJora 270 ComposterTumbler ; 2 Chambers 52 pound ; 70 gallonGalvanized Sheet Metal$$$
Schiller Grounds Care Compost TwinSchiller Grounds Care Compost Twin Tumbler ; 2 Chambers 150 pound ; 180 gallonGalvanized Sheet Metal ; Powder Coated Steel Frame$$$
Lifetime 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler - Composter Reviews, The Best tcomposting TumblersLifetime 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler Tumbler ; Single Chamber 22 pounds ; 60 gallon100% Recycled Plastic$$$

Why you should get your own composting tumblers

There is this general misconception about composting bin tumblers where you can get your compost in less than a two to three weeks, while that is slightly correct, you have to meet the optimal condition and that can be really tricky.

Yet the compost tumbler still trumps the generic compost bin or pile and if for nothing but because of the following reasons:

Ease of Maintaining and Turning Your Compost

Generally, a compost bin works on the principle of the hot pile where the pile generates heat, this heat then kills off the weeds, providing the optimal environment for decomposing micro-organism to act an rendering it safe for your garden and yard.

With the composting tumbler, you can easily always generate heat by mixing your compost at any time using the spinning handle you want by just spinning and you can also add more materials and it is easier than using a pitchfork or rake as in the composting bin.

With a compost tumbler, it’s super-easy to mix your compost, keeping it well-aerated at all times. I spin mine a few times a week, more if I’m adding a lot of material, and it takes a couple moments rather than 15-30 minutes of solid work with a pitchfork.

Heat Management

The winter period is definitely a bad timing for composting as the process can slow down because of reduced heat. The compost tumbler can find great use here as it can help you in heat management even during the cold months.

This makes it easier to make compost batches in preparation for spring and with each spinning and tumbling, you are creating and generating heat to ease the composting duration.

Tumblers bin also tend to heat up properly during the warmer months because it is a fully enclosed container or barrel, well insulated and can maintain and sustain heat properly, and that heat will kill off any weeds or pathogens that might otherwise appear in your compost.

Moisture Management and Collection

Compost tumblers are special because they can keep out moisture form rain and snow pelt, this wil help to preserve the osmotic pressure in the composting process and any leachate or “compost tea” that goes off is caught in a collector and can be use as fertilizer for plants and flowers.

Compost Control and Visual Appeal

The composting tumblers tend to keep the pile out of site and in one spot, this saves you the stress the stress of seeing and clearing decomposing plant matter in the garden and also they tend to suppress the smell.

Protection from Animals

There are cases where rodents, raccoons, cats and even deer disturb the compost pile looking for quick food. Tumbler bins definitely keeps the animals out because it is sealed shut, while some animals like rats can be persistent, it is mostly always a lost cause for them.

Types of Compost Tumblers

There several types of compost tumblers

Miracle Gro DC270MG Composter

  • Horizontally-mounted barrel design
  • Vertical barrel.
  • Chambered compost tumbler (single and double chamber)

There are even more designs to choose from when looking out for the best composting tumbler bin, here are some other designs that may interest you

  • Rotating Axle Drums.
  • Base Rolling Drums.
  • Rolling Spheres.

How to Use a Compost Tumbler

Using a compost tumbler is not rocket science, a while it look simple too, it is not just about spinning as the even the best compost tumblers requires a little more management.

Using the tumbler itself seems very simple – just put stuff in it and spin it, right? But even the best compost tumbler takes a little bit more management than that.

There are two types of wastes to be used for the compost tumbler and they are

Brown waste is dried and includes materials from plants, such things as wood chips or pellets, cardboard, old newspaper, dried leaves, and the like. Brown waste tends to be carbon-rich and absorbent, and provides bulk to your finished compost.

Green waste consists of fresh materials such as vegetable and fruit peels and rinds, apple cores, coffee grounds, fresh leaf or lawn clippings from your yard, manures, and so on. Green waste has a lot more moisture, and tends to be nitrogen-rich. The moisture can produce “compost tea” or leachate.

You need a good ratio of brown and green waste. Getting the perfect mix of browns and greens can take a little bit of practice.

In using a compost tumbler, using one kitchen compost pail of green waste to two pails of brown waste by volume (not weight) is perfect. However, you have to keep an eye on the contents of the tumbler.

Spinning of the tumblers should be done after adding both the brown and green waste to get it all mixed properly. Spinning should be done every two days in summer and three days during winter, this will help to build up the heat and fasten the composting process.

Best Compost Tumblers : The best Composting tumblers review

Getting the best out of composting means that you may need to invest in a compost tumbler, even if you already have a composting bin in the yard or even a countertop bin indoor. The tumbler will be the best addition to speed up the composting process.

With composting tumblers, you can actually throw away your pitchforks and shovels and stick to just using the spinner in turning your compost.

Best Single Chamber Tumbler: Good Ideas Compost Wizard

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Envirotumble

Good Ideas Compost Wizard: This is a completely assembled tumbler and it is already ready for use. It has a black exterior made from 100% BPA free plastics which can hold heats and that is what you compost really need.

It has small holes to bring in ventilation and aeration, the bin rotates smoothly on a base and you get one year warranty

  • Size: 31 x 36 x 28 deep
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Material: 100% recycled and BPA free plastics
  • Best Feature: Arrives Assembled with 1 year warranty

CHECK BEST PRICE ON AMAZONBest Dual Chamber Steel Tumbler: Joraform

Joraform Compost Tumbler - Composter Reviews, The Bes tcomposting TumblersJoraform Compost Tumbler: This is one of the composting tumblers that can process kitchen waste at a very fast rate. With tow compartments, there is no more waiting as you can fill the two up with composting materials.

It is a a durable tumbler with steel stands for easy reach and to keep pests away, it also has a single chambered tumbler, if that interests you instead

  • Size: 44 x 52 x 28 deep
  • Weight: 82 lbs
  • Material: Metal Exterior/Insulated Interior
  • Best Feature: Insulated interior

 CHECK BEST PRICE ON AMAZONBest Large Capacity Tumbler: Lifetime Compost Tumbler

Lifetime 65-Gallon Compost TumblerLifetime 65-Gallon Compost Tumbler: This tumbler is made on a support so it is above the ground. It is well balanced and very lightweight and you do not have to bend over when using it or spinning.

It keeps away raccoons, rodents as it is above ground and the thick heavy-duty black paneled walls absorb and retain heat with their double-layered design. This also assures you that there will be no foul odor or smell.

  • Size: 36 x 35 x 45 Deep
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene
  • Best Feature: Lightweight and similar design comes in many sizes

CHECK BEST PRICE ON AMAZONBest Large Capacity Tumbler: Good Ideas Wizard Dual Tumbler (80 gallon version)

Good ideas wizard Compost Tumbler - Composter Reviews, The Bes tcomposting TumblersGood Ideas Composting Wizard Dueling Tumbler: Although it is similar in design with the Good ideas Single tumbler, they are both great products and we had a swell time deciding to add it here

This one is easier to fill and the base can collect up to 5gallons of leachate that leaks during the composting process.

The black color helps absorb heat and the design is extremely weatherproof. As an extra bonus, it also comes preassembled and with a one year warranty!

  • Size: 25 x 25.5 x 31
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Material: 100% recycled, BPA Free plastic
  • Best Feature: Compost Tea Collecting Base

CHECK BEST PRICE ON AMAZONBest Selling Dual Chamber Tumbler: YIMBY Dual Compost Tumbler

Yimby Compost Tumbler - Composter Reviews, The Bes tcomposting TumblersYIMBY Dual Compost Tumbler: This is one of the most popular tumblers of the year, it is actually one of the best compost tumblers around. It is large and yet there is less effort needed to turn the spinner or “tumble” your compost.

It has a red processing indicator to mark a bin that is already cooking while you fill the next one, the HDPE panels can also retain heat and fasten the compost process.

  • Size: 36 x 31 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Material: Light Weight HDPE Panels
  • Best Feature: Separate Turning Chambers

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