Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews 2020

We will be talking about the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews and which brand and type you should get exactly. The Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets system is really great if you want to go handsfree during communication when riding.

One of the problems of riding a motorcycle, or any other vehicle, is you can’t answer a call while riding because you’ve got to keep your hands on the controls.

Meanwhile, you’re not exactly going to be able to hear a phone call through the bulk of your motorcycle helmet anyway – the only way you can answer the phone is to pull over, park your vehicle, and answer the call properly.

This is definitely a great hassle if you are taking emergency calls from your family, friends, or boss. Thankfully, with the constant innovation of technology, some helmet manufacturers have succeeded in integrating modern tech into their helmets.

One great innovation is the integration of wireless Bluetooth technology into motorcycle helmets.

If you want to answer calls or you want to call someone urgently, you can do this easily with a good Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. If you want to invest in a good motorcycle helmet, you should also consider important features like safety certification, durability, and comfort.

To help you find the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that fits for you, we’ll list some of the popular models available in the current market.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

This is the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet reviews

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

This full face helmet is integrated with Bluetooth 2.0 technology which is certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

With this technology, you can reject and answer phone calls easily. You can also listen to music from any Bluetooth enabled device. On average, the internal battery allows you 10 hours of talk time with this unit.

You can communicate with any rider through the intercom at a maximum distance of 102 feet. This helmet also includes a shield with has been tested to possess anti-scratch and anti-fog features.

The liner and cheek pads, which give cushion to your head inside the helmet, are detachable for regular maintenance.

The ventilation of this helmet can be fully adjusted. If you feel cold, you can adjust the vent slightly to block cold air from penetrating into your helmet.

For better attachment, a double D-ring chin strap is provided, along with a retention system with a flexible nylon chin strap. This helmet boasts superior protection with its meeting of both DOT and ECE helmet safety standards.

However, its pads easily fall off, which has bothered some customers. Nevertheless, it offers great fit and excellent features at a reasonable price.

HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is designed to be Bluetooth ready, which makes it compatible with any Bluetooth capable phones. You can listen to music with its interior speaker cavities.

Its included face shield is UV protected which keeps your face safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Its shell is made of lightweight polycarbonate materials which makes it resistant against crash impacts.

A single button controls the mechanism of the chin bar and face shield release. Its shape and design are built with excellence because they are designed through modern CAD technology.

Replacement for the shield is easy due to its built-in Quick slide technology. It has a great ventilation system which removes heat and humidity up and out from the helmet.

More significantly, this is a DOT certified helmet, which means that it conforms to US Federal safety standards. This item comes in many different colors from which you can choose, such as like white, red, and black.

Despite its great features, this helmet is considered heavy at 8.1 pounds to some customers. Nevertheless, this is a great bargain for those who are looking for a cheaper Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is most advanced model ever made by BILT. It has the ability to synchronize with any Bluetooth enabled device like a mobile phone, through its DWO-3 Bluetooth system.

With this integrated technology, you can communicate using your mobile phone. You can also communicate to another rider with the same helmet model through the intercom.

Hence, if you go with friends on a motorcycle ride, you can use the same helmet to communicate while you’re on the road. You can also listen to your favorite MP3s through its integrated Deal speakers.

Aside from these modern technological functions, this helmet is made with other significant features like a great ventilation system for more airflow, a removable liner for easy cleanup, and a flip up tinted shield for eye protection.

This helmet can be fastened securely with its Double D-ring safety strap. You can also be assured of great protection with its conformance to DOT safety standards.

This means that you don’t just get high technology features, but guaranteed safety as well from any low speed crash impacts.

Despite all its great features, a few customers noted that this helmet works poorly when it comes to lessening wind noise while on the move. Nevertheless, this is a great modern helmet for motorcycle riding.

AVE A-48 Adventure Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is integrated with Bluetooth technology which can hook you into similar model helmets. In this way, you can communicate with your friends easily on a group ride.

Through this technology, you can connect your phone with the helmet to answer urgent calls from friends and family. At 3.64 pounds, this is lightweight, even with its thick padding inside the helmet.

It meets both DOT and ECE helmet safety standards, which make this item a superior protective helmet against possible accidents.

It includes a drop down visor which can protect your eyes and face from the damaging effects of the sun. It also shields you from road dust that can cause allergic reactions, and rain that might distract you when riding.

The shield is anti-scratch which makes it resistant against scratches caused by impacts. The interior liners are made of microfiber, which are removable when it’s time to wash them.

However, this helmet’s speakers seem to be low volume, something that has left a few customers unsatisfied. Nonetheless, it still delivers great Bluetooth motorcycle helmet capability at a low price.

Advantages of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

The freedom provided by a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet device is the key benefit to cyclists. These devices easily connect to almost all modern communicating and media devices.

Besides, they operate wirelessly using power from rechargeable batteries. In addition, these devices are usually small in size making it convenient to carry them around.

Despite the fact that this technology was originally intended for use in mobile phones and microphones, its flexibility has seen it integrated into other modern devices as well.

Such devices include: GPS systems, MP3 players, computers, video games, and cameras. Motorcyclists have not been left behind as well, they have benefitted in the following ways:

Ease of Communication

The communication aspect of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets has also proven to be very beneficial to bikers.

The majority of modern day mobile phones can effortlessly connect via Bluetooth. If you are an iPhone user, you may be required to place a small dongle to facilitate communication with a Bluetooth headset.

Answering, conversing and rejecting calls have been made hands free when Bluetooth technology was introduced into the motorcycle industry. This hands free feature reduces the risk of causing road accidents.

Furthermore, a variety of motorcycle helmets allow you to communicate wirelessly with your family and friends by simply speaking into your helmet mic, as long all your helmets support the two or multi-line communication function.

At times this may require that you buy a set that matches in order to enable flawless functionality of this feature.

As Bluetooth communication is dependent on maintaining a certain range or a clear line of sight, remaining within this range is essential for effective communication.

GPS System Handling of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets system

For cyclists, GPS navigation control has been made easier by Bluetooth technology. By connecting the cyclist’s Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to a compatible GPS system, the cyclist can listen to real-time navigation directions without shifting their focus from the road. This means that previous habits such as having to stop by the road to ask for directions or to examine a map are long gone.

Despite the fact that GPS systems designed for use in the motorcycle industry have been around for some time, cyclists previously were not able to effectively use them device due to the poor audibility in areas with traffic congestion, wind and other environmental noise.

However, with Bluetooth technology these problems have been solved. Bikers are now able to receive loud and clear navigation directions through their helmet’s headset.

In addition, depending on the GPS system in use, the cyclist can give voice commands through the helmet’s mouthpiece while still maintaining their focus on the road.

Ease of enjoying your favorite music

Everybody loves music. Being able to effortlessly connect your MP3 players or Smartphone to your Bluetooth helmet allows you to wirelessly listen to your favorite music.

Contrary to the case of handlebar radio there is less interference and the playlist you listen to is specially created by you.

Disadvantages of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

There are only a few disadvantages of using Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. For instance, these helmets may not appeal to riders who already have a favorite helmet which they feel they can’t ride without. For such riders, it’s advisable to fit the Bluetooth headset to their favorite helmet themselves.

Another disadvantage is that depending on the particular headset that you use, the clarity of the Bluetooth device may begin to suffer when you accelerate and cruise at over 70 mph.

Lastly, as Bluetooth technology depends on a line of sight, it may be difficult to maintain communication with your peers over long distances using either two-way or multi-line communication.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Brands

Some of the brands that exist in the market today include: O’Neal, HJC, Bilt, IV2 and Shoei. Most of these brands offer almost similar or slightly different features that designed to satisfy the needs of cyclists.

Conclusion on the the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet allow motorcyclists to carry on a two-way conversation with fellow cyclists while maintaining their focus on the road as well as listen to their favorite music wirelessly.

The hands free feature that is made possible by Bluetooth technology has enhanced the focus of cyclists on the road and as a result reduced the chances of road accidents occurring.

For example, the two-way communication feature used to communicate with other cyclists is safer than communication over the cell phone. The compatibility of motorbike GPS systems with Bluetooth helmets allows for voice input through the helmet’s microphone as well as receiving of directions through the ear piece.

Bluetooth helmets that are currently available in the market are capable of connecting with many electronic devices. Besides their wireless and effective connection, they also have a crystal clear reception. The safety provided by Bluetooth devices is similar to that of mobile phones with regards to the amount of radiation emitted.

By paying attention to the issues discussed in this article when deciding on the Bluetooth helmet to buy, you are guaranteed to make an informed decision.

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